What actually an interviewer seeks in a fresher interviewee?

If you’re looking for what qualities, you need to have to crack any interview, then you are exactly in the right page. Below are typed the answers to your curiosity:

      1) Knowledge gained through research. Because the interviewer knows what to catch on in a fresher. How much you researched about the functions, work for the position you applied


      2) Your body language while speaking. Because the interviewer knows nervousness arises in first few interviews since he/she has already faced it. So, you’ll need to hide it as better as you can by being presentable while speaking. Do not let them see your trembling fingers crossed among one another.


      3) Power of attention in your voice. Because the interviewer knows you are a fresher through your CV/resume and you do not have much to talk about your work. You can only drag the attention by making him/her hear strong voice with truth of your dedication.


Yeah, that’s all. Have you tried it before? If not, then rush to the mirror and start practicing.

We’ll meet you in our next blog. 

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