How to prepare for interview at home?

These are some best things you can do to make yourself feel confident.

1)     1)  Even if you have already researched about the company/agency/office you applied for vacancy, still give it 30 more minutes; observe it online to analyze and make sure you’re not missing important things/details. Because no one knows in what mood is the interviewer going to be. He/she might ask you more about the company and less about yourself or vice-versa.

2)     2)  Sit/stand in front of mirror and keep practicing to speak with confidence. Keep on speaking as many times as you require. Look into the eyes in the mirror and imagine you’re being observed by   You’ll automatically gain confidence to face the interviewer.

3)      3) Don’t speak too much. Just be precise and let them ask what they want to know from you.

4)      4) Be in your own comfort zone don’t drag yourself into a conversation in which you start feeling low. It doesn’t mean you should lie. It means, you need to present yourself with open mind and let the interviewer feel you’re honest. For example: You know enough about file handling. In this case, you need to begin by saying, “I worked ‘A’ years in ‘ABC’ company and was told I was really good at in it.” And, all of a sudden, the interviewer asks you about some work in which you’re not that perfect to talk about, then you can say, “Oh, about that? Actually, I’ve done it as well. But, to be honest, I’m not that perfect in it as I’m in file handling but can assure you that I won’t disappoint you if few guidance is provided.”

See? It’s that simple.

5)      5) Do not ask about offered salary from your side at first. Let them get to you. Because, if you ask about it, then you’ll seem money oriented not job oriented. Actually everyone is money oriented but yet, job is what lets you get that money. So, first, work and then only money. If they prefer you as their employee, then they will surely talk about it.

If you’re done with all these, then you’re good to go.

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