The untold story of Job Hunt- Our Experience

Motive “Never ending struggle”

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             It was the month of February in 2011, when we confirmed running Nikhiljobs. We felt something needs to be done to boost youths of Nepal. So, why not begin by employing them?                 First things first, the main motive and agenda to establish Nikhiljobs was to bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers; help them to gain skills and hence get their dream                  job.

Beginning “If you’re sure to begin, then why tomorrow? Why not today?”

            We began this, by hiring 4 employees. It was a matter of struggle and we struggled more than we can ever explain. To make jobs available at near about free to jobseekers and                         address the issue of staffs in organization by providing them quality staffs was my target.

           Accomplishment “Success”

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            We’re increasing the accomplishments through every possible way. Till the year of 2020, we have successfully placed around 1500 candidates to their desired jobs. Hopefully, we                        became successful in it.

            Future “Good work for good future”


            Talking about the future of Nikhiljobs, we see it bright as with the increase in development activity the requirement of staffs will also increase in future. All these would never have                   had been accomplished without the team.

            Mission/Vision “Be good, do good”

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As per the motive of establishment of Nikhiljobs, the only vision is to empower youths and provide best candidates to employers. In Nepal, struggle is lacking, so is the desire to overcome the weaknesses. To improve, we need positive environment first which is what exactly Nikhiljobs is trying create.

            Efforts made for youths “Emotional help”

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Due to the economic condition of youths, it is always a challenge to let them become confident. Because whatever we begin, everything starts with investment. We couldn’t help youths economically, but we could emotionally help them by providing some sort of training for interview preparation, resume build-up which will belong to them as asset for near future and we did it. Also, Nikhiljobs provided skillful trainings like handicraft training and basic customer service training. The country where we live in, is itself difficult to rise up (both emotionally and economically). Entrepreneurs do not overcome easily. There are countless obstacles along every way to success. But, there are very few who dare themselves for fresh start. We targeted the few and aimed for more. Nikhiljobs will be empowering more youths in further days. 

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